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A Portfolio Reports offers the possibility for investors to get profound insight into potential public funding sources for their portfolio companies. It lists possibilities that could be considered to apply for in Detail and gives an overview of the fund's or programme's constraints as well an assessment regarding the degree of suitability.
All that is needed is a detailed company description (business plan, pitch deck or similar) and a description of planned projects and further developments (ideally with a time frame or schedule).

The portfolio report contains the following information for each company taken into account:
  • possible and suitable Calls and Programmes, together with (if available):
    • the name of the programme, the call identifier and a link to an information website
    • size of the fund/ programme, number of projects to be funded, amount that can be requested per project
    • deadline for the submission of a proposal and further important timeframes
    • short description of the call's or programme's goals and the project contents expected
    • requirements the applicant and the proposed project have to meet
    • further constraints and special regulations
    • necessary changes of the company's project, additional project content needed together with an assessment regarding the degree of suitability
  • short description of programmes being worth to screen regularly, but not having any open calls at the time of the report
  • short summary of further calls, where larger adjustments of the project would be necessary
Individual adjustments of the report's content is possible. We offer attractive package prices for a portfolio of five startups and more, just get in touch!

Financial Instruments for Investors

There are several possibilities for Investors to apply for additional money for their investors, where public institutions like the European Investment Fund are acting as co-investors with attractive conditions. euworx can help finding the best instrument for you and manage the whole application process. 

The financial instruments check can be integrated with the Portfolio Report at attractive conditions. We would be happy to tell you more!

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