What we can do for SMEs

The search

Most SMEs have already heard or worked with the European Social Fund (ESF) or other regional development funds. But there are much more opportunities for SMEs - especially the European Union has designed several funds and programs to support SMEs in the different stages. But the search for funds can be time consuming and frustrating -  euworx is specialised in public and can help you to find the most promising funds for your business. Maybe there are promising programs you would never have looked at yourself - euworx aims to find them for you during the search. Just describe your project and euworx will give you a detailed feedback and explanation of what is out there - of course subject to the utmost confidentiality about what you told us.

The concept

After finding the suitable fund, tender or financial instrument for you, you might not be sure of what your chances are exactly. Most of the times, especially when applying for research funds, it might seem as if your project fits perfectly to the programme, but it does not exactly meet all the call objectives. But that does not mean that you should not apply. Maybe your project just needs a little redefinition - or a partner could add considerable value. In a lot of cases, your chances are much higher to receive the funding with just some small changes. euworx helps you with this process, explains which criteria you should really fulfill, what they mean and how you could do that, maximising your chances for success. You might also want to look at our section where we publish searches for partners of other projects - maybe someone needs your help and offers you a very easy way to get into a very interesting project?

The writing

Finally, when you decided to apply for some sort of funding, you realise that there is a lot of work to do for it. For most SMEs, this is a very critical point, since even if there is someone who knows how to write a proposal, this person may not have the time to actually do it. euworx can come in here and help you with the coordination of the whole package, as well as writing most of the texts for you (up to 100%) - of course we still need your input. We can offer you a way to minimise your time and resources but still stick to what you planned for your project. Does that sound as if it might work for you?

The execution

You did it - maybe with our help - and got the funding! But this also brings some obligation with it, too. Writing reports, documenting your results and so on. If you are the leader of a consortium, you have to coordinate the work of all the partners and communicate with the commission on behalf of all of them. Similar as with the writing, you might be unsure if you are doing everything right, or you might just not have the time to do it. euworx can do the most time consuming work for you and help you to coordinate all these activities, review the deliverables and other formalia - in an efficient and affordable way!