About Us

Our Mission & Motivation

A lot of big cooperations operating in science and technology fields have their own employees to look for and get public funding. Startups and SME cannot afford this. They mostly cannot even afford the time of a single person looking into the matter of how and where public funding can be obtained from. Writing a proposal is even worse. But Startups and SME can move the world with sums of money big corporates would not even notice. That was our initial idea where euworx was born from.

Today, euworx does exactly that - helping startups, SMEs and also investors like VCs, incubators, accelators and similar to receive funding for their project (or their companies), but also to define the projects themselves and do the management and paperwork afterwards if needed.

We are the specialised staff startups and SME can "borrow" to help with their proposals and project management, without having to spend a fortune before knowing what comes out of it.

We love startups and SME, we love the motivation, the flexibility and the "fire" for their own products and services, so we love to work with them. And we set high standards for ourselves; we are absolutely honest about chances, about what we can do and what not. We warn you if we see problems, and we won't take a project if we don't catch your fire for it.

We are Europeans. Truly. We believe in the European Idea, and we are happy to help you if you need partners from other countries to make an innovative idea come true. We think Europe can be so much more than it currently is - with the amazing skills, knowledge and ideas of its people. We saw so much of this already - and can't wait to see more!