What we do

For Startups

For most startups, getting funding is not an easy task. So why not take public money into account? But exploring the different funds to find the right one takes time most young companies do not have - neither for the appropriate design of a corresponding project and the writing of the proposal. euworx aims to fill this gap and helps you with every step on your way - of course with affordable payment models for startups, too! Just get in touch - any questions are welcome!

For SMEs

There are a lot of chances for SMEs to get funding from public sources, especially the EU is developing more and more concepts, calls and programs specifically designed to support SMEs. But how to find out where the appropriate fund or program is for your company and how to get this money? And should you really invest the time of one or several of your employees to do so? You don’t have to - euworx helps you with every step on your way; in an efficient and affordable way! Just get in touch - any questions are welcome!

For Investors

For many VCs, Incubators, Accelerators and similar, it could be of interest to know which of their portfolio-startups could be eligible for funding from public sources. euworx offers you a portfolio-report to detect promising possibilities with regard to the expected time and resources necessary to start the corresponding process. It is also possible to get checks and direct notifications on a regularly basis, i.e. you won’t miss if there is a new opportunity coming up for one of your companies during that period of time. If you need euworx’s assistance afterwarts when it comes to the writing of a proposal or tender, euworx will offer you startup-conditions.